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AEONS AND MONUMENTS is a one-person Black Metal/Ambient/Drone band from the forests and mountains of Austria. Using a wide array of instruments and devices to blend the sonic landscapes of black metal with repetitive drones and calm, slowly developing ambient, AEONS AND MONUMENTS creates lush atmospheres that seek to explore the depths and transcend the borders of these genres.

AEONS AND MONUMENTS – guitars, synths, vocals, tape loops, field recordings, electronics, glitches & effects.

_____No hate.

EP ‘Anthropos’ out now!

“The culmination of a powerful and emotive trilogy.
Simultaneously soothing and intricate […]
[…] a calming synergy of richly layered ambience and minutely crafted audial stimulation, resulting in a powerful, rewarding listen.

Whilst first track ‘Substance’ is a droning, melancholic journey of yearning across a snow-dusted mountainscape, it’s companion ‘Anthropos’ begins as an almost dungeon-synth-esque homecoming, concluding […] with a relentless blast of black metal fury, ending abruptly, leaving the soul of the listener cleansed, and ready to continue on its journey through the world.”

– Richard Lowe, Astral Noize